Our students love our fun and relaxed teaching environment

We want to make learning fun and productive, and help you unlock your true musical potential


Jamie Faulds –
Huntsville, AL

“My 12 year old daughter has been taking songwriting lessons from Billy for six months now. Wow!! My daughter’s musical skill, knowledge, confidence and inspiration are at an all time high.

Billy has not only helped her become a stronger writer lyrically, but Billy has also helped her better understand how to fine tune the guitar, vocals and melodies in her original songs as well. Billy has helped my daughter with the entire songwriting process – from writing to demoing. In six months time, my daughter has written dozens of songs and is now recording her first album!! Working with Billy has been life changing.

Billy is immensely talented in so many areas. She’s also patient, kind, and fun. Working with Billy has helped my daughter reach an entirely new level in music and we’d recommend her to any (serious) artist!”

Andy Hawkins –
Northampton, England

“Before my songwriting lessons with Billy I had not written a thing since English class at school. Billy has taught me to be creative, as well as giving me the musical theory to back up my (new) creative ideas.

I’m now writing lyrics regularly, and also know how to go about putting music to songs too. And none of this would have been possible without the ‘easy to absorb’ teaching and constant encouragement from Miss Pettinger.

I also had many singing lessons from Billy too, and it’s been noticed by friends and family the ‘vastly improved’ confidence in my singing abilities……and willingness to sing in the first place!

I had already been a fan of Billy’s music for many years, I am now even more amazed and grateful for her skills as a teacher of music.”

Carlos Timperman – Belgium

“My daughter Elise has been taking songwriting and guitar lessons with Billy for more than a year now. She already knew Billy as an incredibly talented singer-songwriter through Youtube. The fact that she could have her idol as her music teacher was a huge thing for her.

In no time Billy and Elise clicked and Elise became more and more confident. Billy is such a patient music teacher and she allowed Elise to learn at her own pace. It was wonderful to see Elise’s self-esteem grow during the lessons. With the coaching of Billy, Elise could soon write, sing and play her own song.

Without any hesitation whatsoever I would recommend Billy to anyone who’s looking for music lessons.
I’m a teacher in Belgium myself and I was impressed by Billy’s didactical approach. Even the fact Elise’s native language is Dutch poses no problem at all.”

Gordon Keene –
Madison, AL

“I’m 74 years old. I’ve always wanted to play the guitar and one day I went to class and there was Billy, the most patient, cheerful, smiling, caring individual in the morning to teach you how to play the guitar. After one year of practicing I was able to get up on the stage and play and sing the song Me and Bobby McGee.

Each lesson was a great enjoyable period of time with her smiling class, encouragement and soft-spoken voice to make sure you learn how to play the guitar. It was great. I highly recommend her as a music teacher of several types of instruments and voice.”

Scott Miller –
Huntsville, AL

“Billy is truly amazing. She’s an accomplished artist with both classical training AND a successful rock performance and recording career. Plus she can TEACH (and also coach, if you want to make the distinction)!

She works amazingly well with students of all ages and levels of proficiency, and she does this because a) she knows how to meet you where you are (and she connects well with people)  b) she knows how to get you what you need (technique  practice, counseling… whatever), and c) she knows how to push without pushing to help you get where you want to be. This last part is actually really important, because Billy is laser focused on what YOU want to achieve, and she kind of won’t let you forget it until you say “OK, I got what I was going for… here’s what I’d like to do next”. Piano, guitar, and voice… absolutely. But also performance coaching, song writing, production, studio recording… yeah, Billy will help get you wherever you want to be! Honest! 

And as a bonus, Billy is one of the sweetest, coolest  kindest, down to earth, most awesome people I have ever known.”

Eric Herbert –
Madison, AL

“Teaching old dogs new tricks from 0-60 in a flash. That is what Billy does.

She quickly assesses your skill level and tunes her instruction to help improve your passion. Billy has helped tremendously to improve my classical, acoustic, and electric guitar playing. She knows no bounds. I’ve witnessed her tremendous work ethic with all age groups who set out to learn guitar, piano, singing, and songwriting.

All praise her musical and teaching methods.  A true pleasure to work with because she is patient and zeros in quickly to the areas that need work. Regardless of your musical skill level, you cannot go wrong by enlisting her services. Billy truly is a great instructor and person.”

Melissa Baldwin –
Huntsville, AL

“My daughter has been a guitar/voice student of Miss Billy for about a year and a half. From the beginning, my daughter was totally comfortable with Billy – which is saying a lot since she usually is nervous around new teachers. But Miss Billy is more than a teacher… she’s the real deal. She’s the Yoda of music and a Jack of all trades. In this short time, my daughter has learned so much about music, songwriting, performing in front of a crowd and she’s also gotten better grades in math! It’s been an amazing journey. My daughter is 12 and has attention deficit problems but I’ve seen major changes in that, as well. She’ll go in her room and play the guitar and write songs and can do it for hours without getting sidetracked. 

Miss Billy focuses on a student’s goals and helps them find a path. She finds their best way to learn and provides instruction based on their abilities. If you’re looking for a teacher who teaches each student the same way and gives each student a book to learn from, giving them a star when they practice and gets on their case when they miss a day, she’s not for you. If you want an instructor to keep your best interest at heart, helps you reach goals and surpass them, encourages you to keep reaching for your dreams without passing judgement when you make a mistake, Billy Pettinger is your gal.”

Melissa Holland –
San Diego, CA

“I took piano lessons from Billy. Not only is she very talented but she is an amazing instructor who not only taught me to read sheet music and proper form but she took interest in my old hand injury. Billy really cares about her students and gives them the best individualized instruction. She has a vast array of knowledge and she is an amazing human being! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to play. Thank you Billy!!”

Kevin Chan –
Madison, AL

“My 8 year old daughter Ellie been with Ms. Billy for over a year now. I saw tremendous improvement over the last year from Ellie. Ms. Billy is a great teacher for the youngsters. She tailors to each student’s need and give a very engaging lesson. I could always see the improvement after each lesson. I would highly recommend Ms. Billy to anyone who has passion for music, and wanting a teacher get them to the next level.”