Billy Pettinger

Billy Pettinger is a music industry professional who has been teaching for over 20 years. She began studying piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music located in Canada at age seven. Her passion for music already evident, she took up classical guitar at age 11 and drums a few years later. By age 18 she had made the transition to popular music songwriter and performer, fronting her own band, releasing albums and touring the world.

In 1999 Billy founded Lost Records and was the catalyst for the release of 19 musical albums and their marketing campaigns. Billy has acted as a tour booking, radio servicing and publicity release consultant for 14 years. To date she has over 200 registered songs, 19 releases and has had her original works featured in shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, A&E’s Biography and Continuum, Foreverland featuring Juliette Lewis and Larry Crowne featuring Tom Hanks.

Billy teaches all ages and all styles, from classical to rock. She attributes her success in the recording studio to her classical background, which focused on structure and discipline. She was never a fan of either of these things, however, and prefers to help students learn whatever they want to learn, in the fastest way possible. That said, if you need her to yell at you to practice your scales, she is always up for the challenge.


Billy Pettinger